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Our Mission

At Hubspring our mission... our passion... our obsession... is to eliminate each and every second squandered when a health care provider has to scramble to find the key information needed to get the job done... the job of taking care of people. We at Hubspring are doctors and nurses and techs working together to put all the needed resources and communications in the hands of each provider wherever they are.

Hub Fundamentals

Works Anywhere

Whatever your device, the Hub has your back... we mean literally, it's in your back pocket.

Secure in the Stratosphere

Your resources and communications are delivered from a HIPAA compliant encrypted cloud to an encrypted app on your devices, so all your resources stay safely up-to-date.

Simple to Customize and Manage

Your Hub fits your group like a glove... and it's so easy to manage that your 4th grade kid can do it... but we don't recommend that.

Hubspring is the powerful mobile cloud platform that delivers the Hub empowering medical groups to access, organize, manage, and distribute the resources and communications they use every day.

Out of the box, at your fingertips, the Hub provides state of the art messaging, contact management, access to key files, protocols, images, assignments, or whatever your group needs. There is also scheduling, forums, ToDo lists... and much more... all delivered fresh from the cloud at the speed of light.

In a couple of taps from any mobile device, a Hub user can call a neurosurg consult, fire off a message to another provider, ask a question to the group, and check the call schedule. An administrator can post an alert, or instantly deploy a survey to collect real time data from the group.

The Hub powered by Hubspring, is sleek and agile and becomes whatever your medical group needs. No waste... The Hub delivers the needed resource where it needs to be.


Everything Your Group Needs In One Place...

Smart Contacts and Communication

Securely message, call, page, or email straight from the Hub. Users update their own info on the fly from their device, so it's never stale.

Fluid File, Image and Video Management

All protocols, guidelines, and resources at your fingertips; It's so easy administrators can update Hub content while walking to their next meeting.

Secure HIPAA Compliant Instant Messaging

Seamless and instantaneous communications with colleagues and coworkers; Ironclad encryption.

Intuitive Forums and Chat Streams

Leverage the knowledge and experience of each member of the team in state of the art forums and channels.

Group To-Do Lists and Tasks

Keep your group on task with dynamic To-do Lists targeted to individual users, a team of selected users, or everyone.

Easy Scheduling and Calendars

Get your group to the right place at the right time; Syncing with a calendar is child's play with the Hub.

Integrated Notifications, Alerts, and Surveys

Drop in user, team, or group alerts to keep everyone up to date all the time, or collect data in real time with Hub surveys and questionnaires.

Smart Image Galleries

Bind your group together with dynamic galleries where users can snap and drop photos instantly available to the group.

Superior Links And Bookmarks

Pull up all those important weblinks in two taps of your fingers, never leaving the comfort of the Hub.

Powerful Real Time Analytics

Monitor Hub and resource usage as it happens and make informed decisions about resource allocation backed by real data.

Unique Resource Assignment Tools

Put resources in their place with drag and drop assignment tools, customizable to solve your groups resource headaches.

Intimate Group Identity and Mobile Presence

Bring your group together and make your Hub feel like home with branding and other aesthetic customizations.

The Hub Process

In the Beginning ...

Even though creating and managing Hubs on our platform is designed to be easy and intuitive, we encourage you to take full advantage of our Hub experts so you'll have a Hub that purrs.

Assess Your Resource Needs

Every group is different, especially medical groups. Our first step is a sit-down to understand your group's unique resource challenges. Together, we analyze your group's workflow and define areas of potential optimization.

Collecting the Hub materials

Next, we help you each step of the way to collect and organize the needed materials for Hub genesis.


Your Hub is ready to build in no time, and we provide air, sea, and ground support.

For Those Tough Resource Challenges

Seeking expert guidance on workflow optimization and resource utilization? If our platform does not have the resource tool(s) that your group needs, we'll build it. Whatever your resource needs, we have you covered at Hubspring!

Rapidly Demo and Deploy

Demo the Hub today and build your Hub tomorrow.

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